Tuesday, June 19, 2007

We're Coming to America -- Today!

My apologies in advance for the Neil Diamond reference, but that song got stuck in my head as I tried unsuccessfully to go back to sleep this morning. I still haven't quite licked the jet lag I arrived with. It's a fitting song for a our situation, I suppose, but probably a bit too Vegas, which is, unfortunately, why I like it so much. I'll need to keep this short before my insecure wireless connection kicks me off the net again.

By some miracle, Mollia was able to get us on a flight back home today. The flights on EVA Air are incredibly booked this time of year, and we were told to not even hope to get a flight before our scheduled departure date on Sunday. But Mollia was having none of that, so we're on our way home. Or will be soon.

We're waking up today in Ho Chi Minh City after an evening flight from Hanoi. We're in the same exact hotel room we stayed in last week. It was fun to bring Henry An back to the room where we first brought him from Tam Binh. He's doing very well and showing more and more personality each day. He is quite a character, as you will all soon learn. I couldn't have imagined a more perfect son for our family. We feel incredibly lucky to have him.

Okay, I said I would keep this short. Check back in a few days to see new pictures and maybe a movie or two. See you all state-side.


Emily M. said...

Safe travels to you. It's been an incredible pleasure to learn about your trip as you make it. I cannot wait to meet your newest family member. He looks like so much fun!!! Love to all,

michelle said...

This is all so incredible. I'm just back from a trip and checking my email for the first time. The pictures are just beautiful. You all look so happy. Welcome home. Love to the whole, big family. xoxo.

Betsy said...

We just got back from the east coast and the new link Mollia sent me worked! So it has been incredibly powerful looking at this all in one sitting! I had no idea Greg was such a talented writer- what an amazing family Henry An is being "born" into. See you all soon. CAN'T WAIT!!!
Love, Betsy

The said...

Henry An! I love! Congrats on your early egress!

Margaret said...

Thrilling! I'm picturing you all flying home, eating tiny pretzels and airline noodles, trying to imagine An's first impression of life in America. Steer clear of Ikea and everything will be fine. He is a lucky little man, though from the looks of the pictures you all are as well. What a perfect little spirit to bring home with you. Can't wait to meet him!